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October 2nd, 2009

03:39 pm - Femslash: Objects, Subjects

Objects, subjects

TITLE: Objects, Subjects (complete)


FANDOM: The X-files, House (crossover)

PAIRING: Dana Scully/Alison Cameron (femslash)

SPOILERS: None. (And for the record, I pretend the disastrous seasons 6-9 of The X-files and subsequent movies never took place. The same thing goes for the romantic storyline revolving around Cameron and what’s-his-name British colleague.)

SUMMARY: Dana Scully, an otherwise capable and independant woman, is temporarily hospitalized after being injured in the line of duty - and she loathes being a helpless patient. Fortunately Dr. Cameron is around to cheer her up...

: I’m a poor student and neither own Scully nor Cameron, although, by God, I wish I did...

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  This is my first femslash post in English (not my first language), so please comment and help me improve my writing!

"In reality, I am just as much of a medical object between her hands as between those of all the others, yet I can’t help enjoying the contact a little bit. Her carefulness is so easily confused with tenderness, and right now I really need the latter and am more than happy to make the mistake..."

Read the story 'Objects, Subjects'...Collapse )


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