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Dear Yuletide Writer 2012! - katekane

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October 22nd, 2012

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06:31 pm - Dear Yuletide Writer 2012!
Dear Yuletide writer!

I am so excited that you are going to write a story for me - it's by far the Christmas present I look forward to the most!

Since Yuletide presents are non-refundable I thought I'd give you a more in-depth guide as to what I'd love to read in Christmas morn. So here goes my three requests:

1. Birds of Prey (comic)
I was a huge fan of Oracle, superhero with a disability, and to say I frown upon DC's decision to "cure" her would be the understatement of the year. There are so few well-rounded, strong, female characters with a disability out there and they robbed us of one of the greatest! So... I'm hoping you can tell me some of the stories about her that will never be properly published now.
What I'm looking for are stories that empower Barbara/Oracle without taking away her disability. I'd love to hear of her superhero bad-assery in the field (not just from behind her computer screen, although computer bad-assery is awesome too), and I want to see her co-work with her female superhero colleagues. I would also really like her to be depicted as a sexually active being - however in that respect I'm a femslash-only kind of girl. I like men, but only when they're dressed, as someone once put it. Also, if you feel like being a bit political and poke fun/come down with a steel fist at disability related prejudices and issues such as inaccessibility it would please me immensely:)

2. Yentl (1983 movie)
Yentl spoke to my feminist, slightly queer and very sappy heart on many levels. I like the whole woman-empowering-herself storyline. And I like the gender confusion that permeates the film. Is Avigdor falling for Yentl-as-a-man or for the woman he doesn't know she is? Is Hadass, eventually, falling for Yentl-as-a-man or is she more knowledgeable than we think? And what about Yentl's gender identity? I recently learned that in the original short story, on which the movie is based, Yentl actually decides to remain in her male persona for the rest of her life - and of course this only piqued my curiosity.
Although you're free to integrate whatever you'd like from the short story, my request is aimed at the Hollywood movie. And I am particularly interested in the marriage between Yentl and Hadass. It's pretty clear that Hadass after her initial hesitation becomes more and more interested in Yentl, but at least from Yentl point-of-view she seems unaware of the fact that Yentl has a female form beneath her clothes. However, she does casually mention reading of David and Jonathan (interpreted by some as the famous gay relationship in the Bible), so maybe she is not that naive after all? I'd like to see this more empowered version of Hadass come into play. And I'd like their relationship to be explored further. I am not going to lie - I would love for it to become overtly romantic. But it doesn't have to be labelled as a specifically lesbian relationship. While I don't see Yentl as trans, there's certainly a great deal of gender fluidity there, so feel free to negotiate gender however you'd like.

3. Daria (cartoon)
I wouldn't have survived puberty if not for Daria. She was my cartoon hero, my alter ego - if only I had been as adept at sarcasm...
For this Yuletide story, however, I would like the spotlight to be a little more on Jane. One of the Daria movies hinted at the possibility that Jane might be at least bisexual. And I think that would make sense in many ways... She never seemed all that interested in Tom while she was dating him. I would like this side of Jane to be explored more. Feel free to bend the canon timeline so that they are still in high school when this takes place... I'd like to know what Jane is experiencing, how it affects her friendship with Daria if at all, how she figures herself out... In other words a typical teenage-angst story of sexual confusion but with the addision of Daria and Jane wit:) Also, it could be hilarious to have Mr. O'Neils horribly misplaced empathy play a part. 

General likes/dislikes:  I don't actually have a lot of dislikes. I consider fan fiction a playground where pretty much anything is allowed - any genre hybrid, any kink, any imaginative scenario. It's all good fun, so I rarely take offense at anything I read. Among the few exceptions are stories containing incest or beastiality - I wouldn't say I take offense, I simply skip them.

My list of general likes is a lot longer: I'm a feministy femslash kind of girl (in real life as well as in fan fiction land) and love stories depicting strong female characters and relationship and or romances between strong female characters.

Where romance is concerned, I have a thing for first time stories because I love the whole emotional should we/shouldn't we build-up. If I have a kink it's properly emotional porn... Always love a good hurt/comfort scenario or a story revolving around someone finally showing their weak side and sharing all those pent up emotions:) As for rating, I'll read anything from fluff to PWP. I don't mind anything explicit, as long as it plays a part in the plot and has a proper build- up.

To me, fan fiction is a great place for rebellion, and I love it when canon is twisted. I find it empowering when a heteronormative canon is moulded into a femslash romances, and I like it when an innocent and fragile woman of the canon turns out to be less innocent and fragile (eg. in the Rizzoli & Isles fandom, which I read and write for, I like it when the hintet butch/femme dynamic between tough Jane and girly Maura is reversed so that, say, Maura carries a wounded Jane instead of the other way around).

I also love imaginative writers in the sense that, as long as you stay true to the basic psychology of the characters, then feel free to go with anything you'd like! Including cross-overs. I love imaginative cross-overs.

Finally I just wish you good luck with your writing and again I want to emphasise: My taste is pretty broad. So if you're having fun writing your story, I'll probably have fun reading it as well:)

Sincerely, KateKane

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