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Dear Yuletide writer! - katekane

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November 22nd, 2011

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09:05 am - Dear Yuletide writer!
Dear Yuletide writer!

I am so excited that you are going to write a story for me - it's by far the Christmas present I look forward to the most!

As tradition dictates I'll give you a few leads as to what I like and don't like in fan fic stories, then elaborate a little on my specific fandom requests.

General likes/dislikes:  I don't actually have a lot of dislikes. I consider fan fiction a playground where pretty much anything is allowed - any genre hybrid, any kink, any imaginative scenario. It's all good fun, so I rarely take offense at anything I read. Among the few exceptions are stories containing incest or beastiality - I don't take offense, I simply skip them.

My list of likes is a lot longer. I'm a femslash kind of girl (in real life as well as in fan fiction land) and love stories depicting romance of any kind between women. And I especially love fan fiction stories that add this dimension to an otherwise heteronormative canon - say, where are all the gay gals at otherwise diverse Hogwarts?
As for rating, I'll read anything from gentle romance to PWP. I guess my guilty pleasure is more along the line of emotional porn... I love a good hurt/comfort scenario or a story revolving around someone finally showing their weak side and sharing all those pent up emotions:)
I also love imaginative writers in the sense that, as long as you stay true to the basic psychology of the characters, then feel free to go with anything you'd like! If you want to introduce Lucy Lawless into my Muriel's Wedding fic, now that she comes from the same continent, feel free to do so. And if you want to write a cross-over story, I'd be happy to read that, too.

Request 1 - Foyle's War: Right. Now to my more specific requests. What drew me to this English series was its historical context - having the second world war as a backdrop to solving crimes is awesome - but most of all I was (on many levels!) drawn to the character of Sam. I like how she's the perfect combination of girly with a butch touch and how she ventures into territory usually reserved for men. I realise the series developed a love story between Sam and Foyle's son, but I choose to ignore this storyline. Personally I always read Sam as the typical lesbian of the 1940s. The second world war, with all the men being at the front, provided a great opportunity for women to take on new roles carreerwise, and the women were much needed out there in the public sphere, so tolerance would have been higher than usual, also regarding (discreet, at least) lesbianism. It all changed once the men came back, of couse, but those few war years were an interestingly colorful chapter in the herstory of lesbians. I'd love to read about how Sam fit into this. I realise there aren't too many other interesting female characters to pair her up with (although one of the women at the Gasoline station she goes undercover at could work), so feel free to invent an OC or set her up with someone from a different canon. For instance Sarah Water's The Night Watch.

Request 2 - Muriel's Wedding: To me this film was all about the friendship between the two leads - I mean, they were the ones getting each other in the end, all men forgotten. I considered it a romantic friendship and would have liked this aspect of the story further elaborated - possibly but not necessarily venturing into sexual area as well, but mostly focused on the emotional bond between the women. Also, I take a strong liking to stories that deal with disability in a realistic and non-ableist way, granting a character like Rhonda full character development and growth beyond the typical "and then she accepted her disability" story.

Request 3 - Angelic Avengers: The fact that the young women of this rather kitsch Karen Blixen novel get married to noble gentlemen in the end was to me a weak attempt at diversion. This is one, long lesbian novel, only the romance stays in the subtext all along... but it's pretty thick. I mean, come on, they crawl into each other's bed, they kiss in front of a priest, they think of each other on their (shared!) wedding day. And although I like to use my imagination and am (like most lesbians) pretty used to having to settle for subtext I would have like this tease of a novel to go a little more all in on that sapphic romance. So please - if this is the request you choose to fulfil - do turn some of that marvellous subtext into maintext for me:)

Finally I just wish you good luck with your writing and again I want to emphasise: My taste is pretty broad. So if you're having fun writing your story, I'll probably have fun reading it as well:)

Sincerely, KateKane


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